Live at The Stone

During late March of this year, I performed a 12-show retrospective at The Stone in NYC, which gave me a chance to revisit many of my projects from the past 25 years. I was joined by a full roster of amazing musicians including Matt Wilson, Dave Douglas, Allison Miller, Mary Halvorson, Tyshawn Sorey, Erik Friedlander, Cuong Vu, Chris Speed, Miya Masaoka, Ron Miles, Stomu Takeishi, Lindsey Horner, Marty Ehrlich, Nicole Mitchell, Ben Goldberg, and more.

I will release a video from each of the 12 shows on my YouTube channel every week this summer starting June 20. Subscribe on YouTube, Like me on Facebook, or check back here to watch, enjoy, and share a new music video each week.

For the last 25 years I’ve gone from the next thing to the next, and I never looked back and reflected on it. So to be able to do that really me a different perspective to go forward.

Myra Melford,