Melford has blossomed into such a wonderful presence, her predilection for songful melodic themes having lost some of its earlier sentimentality, yielding to an original intuition.

John Corbett,

Solo Piano

Ms. Melford's solo piano concerts focus on a new book of original compositions inspired by the artwork of her friend, the late Sacramento-based artist Don Reich (1931-2010), but often include some of her other works as well as arrangements of music by Ornette Coleman and Andrew Hill. She has performed this program at the Northampton Center for the Arts (as part of the World of Piano series) and the Guelph Jazz Festival.  A studio recording entitled, Life Carries Me This Way, is planned for an October 2013 release on Firehouse 12 Records.

Upcoming Shows for Solo Piano

October 22, 2015 Dragon
Poznan, Poland